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Katie Epp
Worship Minister


Thanks for stopping by! I grew up attending the youth group at ABC through middle school and high school. After attending Corban University and completing a degree in Worship Arts, and spending a summer wrestling with God of what to do next, He blessed me in calling me right back here to ABC, in response to prayers from within the faithful ABC family for years. God is so good and it’s a delight to be here and a part of what He’s doing!


I grew up here in Anchorage, and am so glad to be living in the city I don’t think I could ever stop calling home. In 2019, I married my husband, Sam, and we recently welcomed our baby boy. In addition to work at the church, like any good music degree holder, I am also a barista for Kaladi Brothers. In addition, I’ve been a part of keeping the Anchorage Swing Dancers up and running since moving back to Alaska. Be it music or coffee or a new dance move, I just love making stuff with and for people!


Given a day off, you’d probably find me reading some ministry related book in a coffee shop, sipping coffee alongside good friends, exploring the woods on skis in the winter or running gear in the summer, playing board games, or swing dancing. In my less extroverted moments I may be found writing or alone with my guitar.


I’m created to create and am passionate about people, fostering community, and all things creative. The spaces where those three things collide are my sweet spots, be it with the worship team, at the coffee shop, on the dance floor, etc. As Jesus draws me more deeply into who He is and what it means to truly keep in step with His Spirit, I find I’m more and more excited about leaning into the ways He wishes to take these passions of mine (and in turn, all of yours) to keep the Body of Christ alive and moving forward and advancing His Kingdom. To Him be all the glory.


Grace and peace to you!


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