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Be light

During the COVID-19 Pandemic

You are the light of the world-- like a city on a hilltop that cannot be hidden.  No one lights a lamp and then puts it under a basket. Instead, a lamp is placed on a stand, where it gives light to everyone in the house. In the same way, let your good deeds shine out for all to see, so that everyone will praise your heavenly Father. 
Matthew 5:14-16
Lead by Example

Strive to limit your personal outings in order to not spread the virus. Even low-risk individuals or those who may not be symptomatic, may be carrying the virus and unknowingly passing it to high-risk people. SHOW LOVE for your neighbor by doing everything you can to keep them healthy.

Smile & Bless

People are experiencing many layers of stress and concern. Offer eye contact, smile, and give a word of blessing with those around you at the grocery store, on a walk, and beyond.

Prayer Walk

Walk through your neighborhood and pray over your neighbors' homes and families. Pray for spiritual protection, health, increased faith, blessings, and anything else the Lord puts on your heart to pray. 

Share the Gospel!

Be sensitive to God’s leading, and share the hope you have in Jesus with those the Lord puts in your path. In seasons like this, people are more open to hearing about the hope we have. Allow your hope to openly shine! One example for how to share the gospel is available here.

Maximize Your Social Media Presence

Engage as light on social media. Offer Christ-centered, hope-filled posts, live stream a word of encouragement or meaningful song, and speak blessing over your friends. Use social media to uplift!

Share Our Sermons

Your community of family and friends beyond ABC may be blessed by our church sermons on YouTube. Prayerfully consider who would benefit from receiving the link to messages that offers truth and hope.


Check on your Neighbors

Call or text to make sure your neighbors are doing okay, especially those who live alone or may be more vulnerable. Set up a time to come out of your homes to greet each other from a safe distance. Utilize video chats (Zoom, Google Hangouts, or FaceTime) for virtual face-to-face time. Social distancing does not equal relational distancing. We need one another now more than ever.


Run Errands for Others

For friends or neighbors who are high-risk, offer to make a grocery run, pick up medicine, or buy needed supplies so they can stay safe at home. Do a doorstep drop to avoid direct contact and maintain safe distance practices. 


Create Care Packages

For a direct way to love your neighbor well, make simple care packages (maybe include some TP?) with a note of encouragement and a prayer, and leave them on your neighbors’ doorsteps.

Establish a Neighborhood Communication Point

Create a social media group, email or text group, or develop a shared Google Sheets list for your street or neighborhood, so immediate neighbors can share needs, updates, and local information. This system enables us to connect and care for our neighbors on a personal level - and the effects could last long after the pandemic has passed.


Give Blood

With the spread of Coronavirus, blood banks are seeing a decrease in those eligible and willing to donate blood. The Red Cross is urging healthy, eligible individuals to schedule a blood or platelet donation appointment at Donating blood is a safe process, and a great way to help during this challenging time.


Donate to Organizations that Bless Communities

Important community organizations are receiving less support than usual during this time of isolation. Prayerfully consider which organizations to support in order for them to continue serving during this crisis and beyond. Local homeless shelters are a great place to start.


Show Gratitude for Front Line Workers

Doctors, nurses, police officers, firefighters, paramedics, grocery store workers, etc. are all putting themselves in harm's way for their communities. Consider ways to say thanks like praying for them in person, having a few pizzas delivered to them, or putting out a box of treats for delivery people.

Make Face Masks

Medical facilities are in need of face masks. Show Christ's love and use home time beneficially by making masks as a family project. Use this sample template to get started.


Support Local Businesses

Local businesses are being hard hit these days, and we need them in our community once restrictions are lifted. Bless these restaurant and small business owners by ordering take out or delivery, tipping extra, or buying gift cards to use at a later date.

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