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Melanie Cook
Office Manager

The motto of an Army wife is "My home is where the Army sends me."  The second time the Army sent us to our Alaskan "home", I accepted the position of Office Manager for Alliance Bible Church.

I grew up in California as an MD (Minister's Daughter), the youngest, in a very loving home. I attended college in Southern CA and began my career in the area after graduation. I love being surrounded by people, culture, good food, the bustle of a big city, but also love palm trees and being on the beach enjoying the hot sun.

It was a chance meeting when I encountered a young career Army Infantry Sergeant, fell in love quickly and married 4 months later!  My first Army "home" was where he was stationed in upstate NY, Fort Drum.  We moved every three years and it was when were were stationed at Ft. Jackson in Columbia, SC that our daughter, Lexi, was born.  Our military life brought us many adventures, interesting people, long separations/ deployments, and challenging situations.  God was ever present, both with Lexi & me, as well as with my husband and his soldiers, especially felt during his combat tours.

My husband retired as a Command Sergeant Major after 28 years in the service and is currently employed here in Anchorage (his second career).  Our daughter graduated from Butler University with a BFA in Dance Performance and was a professional ballet dancer in Indiana when COVID-19 hit.  She is recently married, is a certified Real Pilates Instructor in New Orleans, and is enjoying her new life.

I love animals (we have 3 dogs), wildlife, sunrises, sunsets, listening to birds chirping early in the morning, laying on a beach watching the waves roll in, and just being in awe of God's amazing handy work.  Whether it be the individual snow flake patterns, the pinks & yellows of the sun setting over the ocean, or watching the Northern Lights, the power of our Creator consistently overwhelms me.

I have a heart for this congregation and the visitors who walk through our door.  I am blessed to be a part of this family.

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