For My house will be called a house of prayer for all the peoples.
Isaiah 56:7
Kids Ministry Director

ABC has a new Kids Ministry Director! Sam Epp stepped into this role on June 1. Please pray for Sam as he leads this important ministry forward. If you have questions for Sam about the Kids Ministry, feel free to contact him at

Kids Church
1st-6th grade

1. Check-in: Check your kids in at the check-in station when you arrive.
2. Release: Children will be released to Kids Church before the message.
3. Pick-up: Parents pick up children from their 3rd floor classrooms immediately following the worship gathering.

Teachers will be wearing masks. Masks are optional for Junior Kids Church and recommended for elementary Kids Church. Please send them with a personal water bottle if needed. Snacks will not be provided.

Pandemic perspectives

Spiritual Growth Goals

Where would you like to see growth in your spiritual life? Whether a new year or new month, being intentional about setting spiritual goals is beneficial! If you haven't taken time to consider the questions on this worksheet, now is as good a time as any. Set aside some time to consider where the Lord is encouraging you to purposefully grow in relationship with Him this season of your life.

Lead by Example

Strive to limit your personal outings in order to not spread the virus. Even low-risk individuals or those who may not be symptomatic, may be carrying the virus and unknowingly passing it to high-risk people. SHOW LOVE for your neighbor by doing everything you can to keep them healthy.

Smile & Bless

People are experiencing many layers of stress and concern. Offer eye contact, smile, and give a word of blessing with those around you at the grocery store, on a walk, and beyond.

Prayer Walk

Walk through your neighborhood and pray over your neighbors' homes and families. Pray for spiritual protection, health, increased faith, blessings, and anything else the Lord puts on your heart to pray. 

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